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    Some stages of the Company

    Our History


    The birth



    The first certifications

    Attainment of ISO 9002 Certification


    Opening of ROSA SCHWEIZ branch

    Apertura filiale ROSA SCHWEIZ

    Our Products for Your Business

    Rosa Sistemi S.r.l. has implemented a major program of construction of roller guides and normalized tables on rollers, achieving remarkable results in quality, in a short time.

    Guide NG a Rulli Incrociati

    Linear bearings

    The rails are made of special alloyed steel and through-hardened to a hardness value of 60 ±2 HRC.


    Rollers monoguide

    With the new monorail roller, Rosa Systems wanted to meet the growing demands for innovation, reliability and cost that the market for machine builders and automation require.


    RDS precision ball screws

    ROSA SISTEMI S.p.A. – due to its well-known presence on the world markets for linear motion bearings as a manufacturer of precision linear bearings and monorails – has the pleasure of presenting this new catalogue of Precision ballscrews.


    Balls monoguide

    1. Smooth movement
    2. Accuracy of mounting surfaces
    3. Low resistance to advancement
    4. High load capacity

    Tavola TRL

    Linear tables

    Tavola XY per settore alimentare

    Customized linear systems

    ROSA SISTEMI, already well-known for its experience in the linear motion field, is willing to propose itself also as a qualified partner for the development of highly customized multi-axis linear systems.

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