RDS precision ball screws

Viti a ricircolazione di sfere di precisione (R.D.S.)

ROSA SISTEMI S.p.A. – due to its well-known presence on the world markets for linear motion bearings as a manufacturer of precision linear bearings and monorails – has the pleasure of presenting this new catalogue of Precision ballscrews. This is the result of an important partnership on an exclusive basis with KAMMERER GmbH, one of the most important manufacturers in Europe of this advanced kind of product.

ROSA SISTEMI S.p.A. has been entrusted with the distribution and marketing on an exclusive basis for the Italian market and for some other countries in the world, offering to its customers the necessary technical/ commercial service. Under all aspects the following is ensured:

Complete dimensional checking of structural calculation
Technical service for the optimisation of products
Availability on stock
Final machining from threaded bars
Pre-sale and after-sale service
Overhauling and maintenance service
Guarantee performances
ROSA SISTEMI S.p.A. is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and intends to offer to the machine tool builders and in general to all users of these drive screws a based on reliable products, which are manufactured with advanced technological solutions and machining facilities that represent the present “state of art” of the most modern manufacturing systems. All this is accompanied with a qualified knowledge of the products by the technical staff of our company.


Our manufacturing range comprises different types of screwnuts which as to their dimensions follow the indications given by the DIN 69051/5 publication. Furthermore, we design and manufacture screw-nuts for special applications on customers’ drawings, with left-hand threads and with inch pitches.

Rosa Sistemi catalogue

Kammerer catalogue